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how to treat hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are swollen in lower rectum. Internal hemorrhoid is usually painless but can be bleeding. It may cause pain. It is also called piles. It may swell veins of your Anus and rectum it is similar to varicose veins.

 =Types of Hemorrhoids

External Hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoid

Throbbed Hemorrhoids

Sign and symptoms

It depend upon the type of hemorrhoid

External Hemorrhoids

1=irritation in your Anal region

2 =Pain or Discomfort

3=swelling around anus


Internal Hemorrhoids

1=Painless bleeding during Bowl movement

2=Bright red blood on your toilet paper

3=Hemorrhoids Can push through Anal can cause irritation and pain

Thermoses Hemorrhoids

Blood pools in external Hemorrhoids and form a clots

1=Severe pain



4=Hard lump around your anus


1=Straining during bowel movements

2=sitting in toilet for long time

3=Chronic diarrhea


4=Being obese

5=Being pregnant


7=regular heavy lifting

Risk factor

age is the main risk factor web you get aged veins of your rectum and anus become weak Secondly pregnancy can cause piles because baby put pressure on veins of anus


Following are the complications

1=Anemia: Excessive blood loss can cause anemia

2=Strangulated hemorrhoids::if the blood to the external hemorrhoids is cut off it can be strangulated it can cause a severe pain

3=Blood clot::Sometime blood clot is formed .it is not dangerous but cause severe pain and need to be drained.


There are two type of diagnosis

1=Digital examination::Doctor inserted a glove lubricated finger into your rectum. He feels anything is unusual such as a growth

2=Visual Inception::Sometime internal hemorrhoids is too soft to feel with your rectum. Doctor must need to examine lower portion of your colon and rectum with anoscope, proctoscope and segmiodoscope.


You can relieve mild pain symptoms and inflammation with home treatment

1: Eat a high fiber food such as fruits vegetables grains to increase the bulk of stool so it become soft and easily pass

2: Use counter hemorrhoids cream or suppository it contain hydrocortisone and use pads agent which hazel and numbering agent

3: Soak your anal area in a warm water tub for 10 to 15 minutes three to four times in a day

4: Take an oral pain reliever. Take acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen temporarily to relieve from pain and discomfort

External Hemorrhoids thermboctomy

If a painful clot is formed with external hemorrhoids your doctor removes the clot. This can relieve the pain it is done in under local anesthesia within 72 hours of developing a clot.

Minimally invasive procedure

These are their procedure which can done in doctor office or outdoor the hospital this process not required a anesthesia

Robber band ligation::Doctor place a two tiny rubber bands around the internal hemorrhoids to cut off its circulation .This process can cause bleeding after two or three days of this procedure but it’s rare


The doctor injects a injection into hemorrhoids to shrink it .it is less painful then rubber band and least effective


::coagulations technique use a infrared light or laser light  it can cause small bleeding hemorrhoids to hard and shrivel it has a side effects and cause discomfort

Surgical procedures

1=Hemorrhoids removal

In this process surgeon remove the excessive tissue which can cause bleeding .this process is done under the local, general or spinal anesthesia it is the most effective way of treatment

It has much complication with bladder emptying which can cause urinary tract infection this complication can occur after spinal anesthesia some people have the pain after the procedure but pain can relieve after medications

2=Hemorrhoids stapling

it is also called hemorrhriodopexy  block blood flow to the hemorrhoids tissue it is use for internal hemorrhoids  stapling is the less painful then the hemohhoridictomy however it is the greater risk of rectum prolapsed complication can include constipation  urine retention and pain.

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