Side effects of smoking on human being

side effects of smoking


Side effects of smoking

Smoking is one of the serious social issues related to public health. Most of the youth all over the world is addicted to smoking habit. Most of the youth also ignore the injurious effects of smoking over the normal functioning of the human body. According to WHO (World Health Organization) the cigarette and other such gadgets smoking is now a days a serious medical as well as social issue. Both active and passive smoking gives serious health issues to humanity which is mostly neglected by the society. They’re a lot of respiratory diseases which are common to us in the present era are due to some sort of smoking (cigarette, Hukka, Shisha, Cigar etc). In this detailed article you will able to learn all about the risk factors and side effects associated with the smoking or tobacco. The tobacco harms almost all organs of the human body. There are at least more than 17 million of American people living with disease caused by smoking. The tobacco smoke contains a lot of cancer causing agents which are also termed as carcinogenic in nature. They can cause serious issues to human health and may prove fatal to the human body. The smoking usually has two main types’ i.e. active and passive smoking but both of these types of smoking have same damage to the body and specifically lungs. Some common disorders which are caused by smoking or tobacco are explained below. Some side effects or diseases caused by smoking are Lung cancer, general body cancer, heart issues, COPD (Chronic obstructive lung disease), lung fibrosis, cystic fibrosis and many more. Although the effects of smoking very person to person. The lungs of most of the females are more susceptible to the respiratory disorder as contact with smoking. The effect of tobacco also depends upon the amount of tobacco taken by the person. Some people also think that the less amount of tobacco smoking is less dangers and doesn’t cause any health risk. But this totally wrong concept. Once a carcinogenic particle enters and settled in your lung and initiated metastasis can lead to same damage. However less amount of smoking can decrease the period of lung fibrosis.

Initial side effects:

The people that take low doses of tobacco or cigarette can show following side effects initially:

  • Low level of running oxygen level in the blood may lead to decreased brain as well as nervous function.
  • The effected person may feel some euphoria and urge of relaxation.
  • Low oxygen saturation and high level of running pco2.
  • Smell in breath
  • Headache is most common
  • Coughing, nausea and throat irritation due to the citrate smoke.
  • The blue colored lips and finger tips are also common in new smokers.
  • Acute exacerbation of COPD and Asthma is main risk factor of smoking.

Long term side effects:

The people who are chronic smokers are at higher risk of developing respiratory disorders and other smoking related pathologies. The most common side effects of smoking the mostly appears in long term smokers are as following:

  • If the person is taking high doses of tobacco at daily basis he may face tooth lose. Or frontal tooth tanning. The teeth of the chronic smokers become week and may be lost in the early age. So the week teeth are major complication that occurs in chronic or long term smokers.
  • The decreased blood pressure and heart rate is also a common issue which may cause further complications to the victim.
  • The high dose of nicotine daily is very dangers which may found life threatening for the victim. As the dose of more than 60 mg of nicotine can lead to the death of the patient.
  • Long term poor ventilation may lead to skin problems. The formation of wrinkles, Acne, Pigmentation etc is common.
  • The disease known as COPD (Chronic obstructive lung disease) is common in 80 to 90 % of the regular long term smokers.
  • Acute exacerbation of Asthma as well as COPD is a consistent problem of regular smoker.
  • The loss of muscle mass as well as tissues is a major side effect of long term smoking.
  • Many sorts of cancers are present in consistent smokers as they are continuously in contact with the carcinogens.
  • Respiratory distress syndrome
  • The staining of the frontal teeth due to regular exposure of smoke of citrate.
  • The narrowing of airways usually occurs in smokers which lead to serious respiratory and well as cardiac complications in old ages.
  • The skin becomes dull due to running carbon monoxide in the bloodstream.
  • The oral, pharyngeal and gastrointestinal and airways cancer.
  • Continues increased blood pressure and higher risk of heart attack.
  • The person will appear grayish in appearance and decreased appetite.
  • The victim becomes susceptible to the infections and the risk of septicemia increases.
  • The infections of lungs parenchyma such as, Emphysema, pnemothorax, hem thorax, plural effusion etc are common.
  • If the victim is female she may have genital issues such as menopause, delayed maturation etc.
  • If the victim is a male he may face the issue of decreased production of sperms and decreased production of semen and sperms.

Some other side effects

Passive Smoking (Tobacco)

The passive smoking is a process in which a person which is not smoking inhales the smoke of tobacco from another person who is smoking besides him. In a lot of countries the smoking is banned in the public places in order to prevent passive smoking. Passive smoking is very dangers and harmful in babies and children of lower age. The harmful effects of the passive smoking are same as there are the side effects of acute smoking. The government should take bold steps in order to avoid passive smoking and prevent children from getting harm from tobacco in their early age when their body is not much immunized against the invading microbes and carcinogens.

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