Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used in medicine and cooking for centuries. It is also a popular and east to make home remedy. Apple cider vinegar relieves many health complaints and people also claim this fact. Many researches showed wonderful benefits of Apple cider vinegar. It has many healthful benefits such as antioxidant effects and antimicrobial effects. Researches also showed some evidence related to possible health benefits which are offered by apple cider vinegar, Such as:

  • Lowering the level of blood sugar
  • Aiding the weight loss
  • Improving the symptoms of diabetes
  • Reducing the level of cholesterol

Mostly, Apple cider vinegar is apple juice. But in the juice, adding some yeast into it turns the sugar into alcohol. This process is called fermentation. In this process, bacteria turn the alcohol into acid (acetic acid). It gives the vinegar strong smell and sour taste. As a home remedy, apple cider vinegar has a long history. It is used to treat things like varicose veins and sore throat. But science is not much support this claims. But recently researches showed great interest in possible benefits of the apple cider vinegar.

  • Origin of Apple Cider Vinegar

Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) prescribed the apple cider vinegar for much illness such as cold and coughs in ancient Greece period. It has a strong history as an alternative medicine in China and Africa.

  • History of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is old as the civilization old itself. From around 3000 B.C., apple cider vinegar has been found in Egyptian Urns. Babylonian scrolls the recording of the benefits of the vinegar date even earlier and known it as “Poor man’s wine” in ancient times. In ancient times, Vinegar was often carried by the Roman legionnaires. It is offered to Christ by Roman soldiers at the Crucifixion in Bible notes.

  • Process to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made by the process of fermenting. In the process of fermenting, the sugars getting from apples turn it into acetic acid which is the active ingredient in vinegar. We see apple cider vinegar labelled as “filtered” in the shops and unfiltered, the latter containing which is known as “mother”.

This means that there are friendly bacteria, enzymes and proteins and gives cloudy appearance to this type of vinegar. Other fruits used to create the flavored cider vinegar which is the base of the vinegar which will further usually be apple with fruits including raspberries which are added during the process of manufacturing.

  • Nutritional Information of Apple Cider Vinegar

Nutritional information of the Apple Cider Vinegar is described following in an effective manner.

  • 1mg Calcium
  • 10mg potassium
  • 3Kcal
  • 1mn magnesium
  • 1g carbohydrate

It is said that, apple cider vinegar does not contain any minerals and vitamins. It contain very small amount of the magnesium, calcium and potassium. It does also contain antioxidants and amino acids.

  • Health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many health benefits of apple cider vinegar which are described below in an effective and detailed manner.

1.     May Aid Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar may aid weight loss but currently there is no evidence to support the efficacy of the ACV diet. However, there are some specific studies and researches which assessed the benefits and effects of apple cider vinegar. It is also noted that, some of the findings were showed in animal studies. Human studies are limited for these phenomena. Some findings are overlapping because of other variables related to the health benefits. It is also said that, some human studies showed positive effects of the ACV on helping to lower the calories intake and feelings of fullness. This combination with reducing weight and balancing the blood sugar may show its perceived effects on weight. For example, a study was conducted by researchers in which they examined the impact of adding apple cider vinegar to the meal which is based on white bread. In this study the researchers found that the people in the study experienced the reduction in blood glucose, better satiety and reduced insulin responses.

2.     May Reduce Belly Fat

Apple cider vinegar may reduce the belly fat. It is seen in many research studies that acetic acid plays an important role in reducing the accumulation of body fat. The men who consumed the acetic acid which is presented in apple cider vinegar were seen to experience a reduction in BMI, blood triglyceride levels, body weight, waist circumference and visceral fat.  The same result was seen in study of obese men which is consisting of 12 days study. Findings may look promising but there should also a need to search more findings related to this fact.

3.     May Balance Cholesterol

Apple cider vinegar may balance the cholesterol. Many animal studies suggested that ACV may improve blood pressure, blood triglycerides and cholesterol. Unfortunately, this has not to date and have not been replicated in human for supporting its recommendation.

4.     May Act as an Anti-Microbial

Apple cider vinegar may act as an anti-microbial. It is said that apple cider vinegar does have anti-microbial properties, which is traditionally used for as a food preservative and cleaning the home. Specifically, ACV has been affective in inhibiting the growth of the staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

  1. May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Apple cider vinegar may help to manage the blood sugar levels the evidence getting from the researches showed that use of ACV as a mean of aiding blood sugar management is the most impressive of its entire claim.


To sum up, it can conclude that, Apple cider vinegar was used for many health problems for a very long time as a home remedy. It is recognized an ancient home remedy. It can be also concluded that, apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for our health as it prevents from getting cancer, improve digestion, lowers cholesterol, lower blood sugar level, reduce belly fat, help people to lose weight and improve heart health. That is why it is said that apple cider vinegar play an important role in our health.

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